Principal Investigator

Prof. Coleman Kronawitter, Ph.D.

University of California

Associate Professor
University of California, Davis
Department of Chemical Engineering
3096 Bainer Hall, One Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616
Academic Office: (530) 752-5882
Email: ckrona at

Graduate Group affiliations:
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering

Faculty member of the UC Davis/Berkeley Node of the Center for Rational Catalyst Synthesis (NSF IUCRC)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

ALS Users' Executive Committee member

Faculty Affiliate
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Advanced Light Source
Office: 2-225
Mailstop: 2R0300
Email: cxkronawitter at

Ph.D. Students

Wenqi Zhou


Niko Hansen


Kaan Yalçin


Oluwakemi Gegeleso


Carey Chang


Alexander Morey


Group Alumni

Dr. Leah Filardi, Ph.D., 2023, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Noah Felvey, Ph.D., 2022, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Sadi Gurses, Ph.D., 2022, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Yizhen Chen, postdoctoral researcher, 2021-2022, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Yulei Wang, postdoctoral researcher, 2019-2021, Chemical Engineering

Patrick Beckett, M.S., 2020, Chemical Engineering

Özge Bayoglu, M.S., 2020, Chemical Engineering

Shiva Murali, M.S., 2020, Chemical Engineering

Zanyar Mansoubi, B.S., 2019, Chemical Engineering

Jose Hernandez, M.S., 2018, Materials Science & Engineering

Brendan Boudreaux, B.S., 2018, Chemical Engineering

Alexander Chen, B.S., 2018, Chemical Engineering

Jason Macnaughton, B.S., 2018, Chemical Engineering