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Atomically Dispersed Platinum in Surface and Subsurface Sites on MgO Have Contrasting Catalytic Properties for CO Oxidation

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‡Equal contributors

Near-Surface Gas-Phase Methoxymethanol Is Generated by Methanol Oxidation over Pd-Based Catalysts

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A Theory-Guided X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Approach for Identifying Active Sites in Atomically-Dispersed Transition Metal Catalysts

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‡Equal contributors

Structural Health Monitoring of Irradiated High-Density Polyethylene Samples with Electrical Resistance Tomography

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A contribution to the Emily A. Carter Festschrift virtual special issue of The Journal of Physical Chemistry

Near-surface imaging of the multi-component gas phase above a silver catalyst during partial oxidation of methanol

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‡Equal contributors

Supported metal pair-site catalysts

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Nanomaterials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy

A special issue of Nanomaterials, 2018.
(Guest Editor, C.X. Kronawitter)

Investigation of water dissociation and surface hydroxyl stability on pure and Ni-modified CoOOH by ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy

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Selected as: Cover article
Selected for: 2017 PCCP HOT Articles

An overview of photocatalytic materials

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Electrocatalytic hydrogenation of pyridinium enabled by surface proton transfer reactions

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Selected for: 2017 Catalysis, Science and Technology Hot Articles

Photocatalytic Materials, a special issue of J. Materiomics. 2017, 3.
(Guest Editor, C.X. Kronawitter)

Activity of pure and transition metal-modified CoOOH for the oxygen evolution reaction in an alkaline medium

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Published prior to UCD:

Orbital-resolved imaging of the adsorbed state of pyridine on GaP(110) identifies sites susceptible to nucleophilic attack

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The (0001) Surfaces of α-Fe2O3 Nanocrystals are Preferentially Activated for Water Oxidation by Ni Doping

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Highly Cited Paper in Environment/Ecology, ISI Web of Knowledge

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Selected for Nature Photonics Research Highlights: Nature Photonics, 2011, 5, 265

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